It could have been me.

My name is Duy Nguyen and my mother is from the city of Bien Hoa which is known as ground zero of where Agent Orange/Dioxin was stored at the airport. She lived within the limits of exposure where a single eaten fish could have poisoned her. Because the effects of Agent Orange/Dioxin are transgenerational there is a small chance that I personally may be affected. Though I am relatively healthy, I have weak ligament with both my MCLs torn and have been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder. The only way to link my ailments with AO is by expensive blood tests if at all. My mother has had multiple cancers that were luckily taken care of quickly, but one has to seriously question whether they came from her childhood/teenage years living in a poisoned land.

I have come to know the severity of the mass AO poisoning and its continued impact on the victims that suffer to this day which is why I started AOreliefAct. My understanding is that it could have easily been me that was hit by extreme disability or assured death. Though I have minor political experience, I hope to crowdfund a Political Action Committee that can contribute towards the passing of the bill penned by Rep. Barbara Lee: Victims of Agent Orange Relief Act. Please join me in this fight and together we will make the world a more just place with that much less suffering.

Peace and love,


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